A Short One

I just sent my application to the seminary of my choice along with an essay which I am painfully aware is not my best writing. I’m feeling a wee bit shaky despite the fact that I am 100% certain that my path to ministry is entirely in God’s hands. I’ve been stumbling along pretty much figgerin’ if He actually wants me to be a Minister of Word and Service in His Lutheran church, He’ll make it happen.

I am, at the moment, doing the overnight shift at Ye Olde Homelesse Shelter, and there’s a coupla dumbasses actin’ like they wanna get kicked out before sunrise, which is usually the case. One of our regulars got placed in housing t’other day. That was cause for celebration because A) he’s off the street; and B) he was a pain in the ass.

My social life these days pretty much consists of Twitter. Specifically queer Christian Twitter. There’s a lotta yakkin’ on there about White Christian Nationalism, which is a thing I’m also concerned about, and a bunch of tweets that give me some hope about the future of Christianity in US, which I am certain will be brought about by the combined efforts of BIPOC and LGBTQ+ because anybody who don’t fit into either/both of them categories has had plenty of fudgin’ time to get it right and they ain’t done it. Possibly because our Lord and Savior was pretty clearly and specifically on the side of the oppressed and marginalized, against the established powers that be, which means thems what has had the power have had to twist His words up pretty hard to pretend that He was ever on their side. And that’s what led to a White Christian Nationalist mob attempting to murder elected officials in the Capitol on the day of Epiphany.

Queer Christians. Was a time when that woulda seemed like a contradiction in terms to me, as it surely does to a lotta cis het folx in Americay including members of my immediate family. Oh, ya know who else might be in the group that’s gonna renew the church in America? Recovering alcoholics, addicts and people with mental illnesses. The fact that I am included in most of the groups that I posit will be the vanguard of the new Christianity in USA might seen a bit self-serving. I don’t think that I’m gonna be any big deal in the renewal of God’s Church in America, just a part of it. And I do deeply want to be part of it. Some twit twittered something about the celebrations in Gondor when the Ring was destroyed and I replied that if I was a character in TLOTR, I’d surely be one who got killed on the outer wall at Helm’s Deep. That got a few likes, but I wasn’t just playing. There were tens of thousands involved in getting the Ring to Mount Doom and few of them were named in the story. The future of the church will require a lotta lotta hands; history will record but a handful.

My grandfather’s brother was a private in the Army. He was killed in the Battle of the Bulge, December, 1944. His body wasn’t found until the following April. My dad tried to get his military records at some point and found out that there was a leak in the roof at the Nat’l Archives and my great-uncle’s records were destroyed. There’s something appealing about that.

Whatever. I aim to be an anonymous grunt in the renewal of God’s multi-denominational church in America and the world. I’m looking to dykes, dopers and crazies to lead the road.

This is a short one. Here’s some PE:


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