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It’s Thanksgiving and I’m at work, alone, using the internet. I finished the first part of some useless research paper I gotta write for a class. The instructor is one of those very normal, but kinda cool men who I think of as “douche-bros”. I don’t like him. I also hate research papers because they’re boring, useless and part of the wrongheaded notion that people can be classified and categorized. I hates it.

But I’m done with that shit. For now. And I got a coupla hours before I go to my Aunt Karen’s house where we will eat, watch football and talk shit about my Aunt Julie, who has been a bit of a pill lately because, sigh, you know how Julie is. Unless Julie shows up in which case there will be tension and no one will mention it. So here’s some of the sites I look at when I’m wasting time on the internets:

The Babylon Bee https://babylonbee.com/ I like that they hit the progressives and conservatives equally. Some of this, you have to know a bit about Christianity to get it.

The Hard Times https://thehardtimes.net/ If you know about punk, this is sometimes almost painfully true. The rest of the time, it’s really painfully true.

The Onion https://www.theonion.com/ The Gold Standard for news satire.

Introvert, Dear https://introvertdear.com/ I’m an INFP in a world that constantly tells me that ain’t good enough. The articles here are generally spot on and make me feel like less of an outcast/loser/freak.

Bitch Media https://www.bitchmedia.org/ This is the online version of Bitch magazine, which was the best feminist mag in print from ’95 – ’06 or so. I admit I liked the print version better, but that might be because I cared more about popular culture then. Now, I really don’t give a shit and I often don’t know what they’re critiquing. Still good feminism.

Cake Wrecks https://www.cakewrecks.com/ Funny cakes.

The ELCA https://www.elca.org/ That’s my church. I wander around in the site occasionally. Just checkin’ things out.

You’ll note there ain’t a news site. I do look at the headlines occasionally, but it’s gotten pretty boring. Trump says something stupid and offensive every day. Mass shootings have become as common as rain storms. The world is going to Hell in a hay wagon. I don’t need the blow-by-blows.

I used to watch stuff on Netflix, but the person whose account I was poaching got their identity hacked and changed all their passwords and I don’t want to ask her for the new one because then she’ll get all snotty about me poaching her Netflix.

Oh yeah – DeviantArt https://www.deviantart.com/ I started putting pictures up there because I want to put the images into the world, but I don’t want to have art shows. I used to do art shows and it’s boring as shit. Also kind of annoying. DeviantArt lets me feel like I’m communicating or something. A lot of what’s on there is pretty trite – anime cliches and women with big tits – but there’s some good stuff.

And that’s it. I don’ do much online. No F’book or any of that. I’m pretty sure social media is a tool of Satan. It’s certainly contributing to the debasement of humanity and the destruction of society. I encourage everybody to boycott all social media, but F’book especially.

Now I’ma go lay around for a bit before the Thanksgiving.


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