Hey. Here’s another picture I made. This one is “Protevangelium” which might be a word ya never heard so – – but if ya know anything about Christianity, the basic concept oughta be clear.

There’s an in-joke here that some people will get and some of them will be pissed off and I’m too much of an old punk to give a shit.

Other shit going on – I asked to have my interview with the candidacy committee pushed back a few months – I just got too much going on right now and I can’t get all the things together that gotta be got together. Also – I’ve mentioned that I was postulating for the Order of Lutheran Franciscans – I was writing something for that and I wrote myself into “Why am I trying to get into this club?” The answer has something to do with community – but the OLF is mostly an online community. The nearest OLF Brother is a couple hours away. I really don’t care about online communities because they’re not really communities. So I hain’t told anybody yet, but I’m kinda thinking I’m done with that.

Any pictures I put up here can be janked for whatever use. I’ll eventually get around to doing some pics that could be used for church bulletin art. I’d really like to do some shit that might just end up in the pool of images that get used for peripheral art or whatever. I’d love it if that “Coffee is proof that God loves and wants us to be awake” image got printed off and put up near the coffee maker in church kitchens. That’d be hilarious. I’ll sue the shit outta anybody who makes any scrillas off any of my pics, of course, but free use is free. The originals’re fer sale. Price on request.

Tomorrow’s Sunday and I gotta write a paper for a class.


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